Holistic Management in der Politik

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Holistic Management in der Politik

Beitrag von Manfred »

ist ein Thema, das mich schon länger umtreibt.
Ich mache mir große Sorgen, dass wir unsere Demokratie verlieren und wieder in ein totalitäres System stürzen werden, falls unser Land weiter derart schlecht regiert wird.

Rodger Savory scheinen ähnliche Sorgen umzutreiben.
Er hat heute auf Facebook diesen Vorschlag für die Gründung einer Art HM-Partei in den USA gepostet:

"Lots of people have been questioning politics in America and there has been lots of polarized conflict between the duopoly.
I would like to propose a solution which is simple and doable. We need a third party to change Washington from conflict to consensus and conversation. I believe the only way for this to happen is to have the 50% of Americans who have become disenfranchised by the duopoly to have their own community listened to and heard at all levels. Here is my proposal.
The Independent Party of America, IPA could be a truly independent party in American politics which has as it’s core the Constitution of America and the Bill of Rights whilst using the principles of holistic managements for policy creation.
Every person wanting to run on the IPA platform would be allowed to do so at the local council, city, county, State and National level in any and all elections. The only requirement to run on the IPA platform would be the Independent candidate must have been involved in the creation of their communities holistic context.
What is a community holistic context?
A community holistic context is a declaration of how people living in a community want their lives to be. They must include a varied selection of people in their context creation to ensure that all people with veto power over their declaration have been included. The declaration must state how the community want their lives to be socially how they desire to live, economically how they desire to support their community and environmentally what will their environment need to look like hundreds of years into the future to maintain the quality of life the community desires. This declaration will include both short and long term descriptions of each aspect of their quality of life.
Whilst holistic context will have many similar human value traits each context will be different and will reflect the group being governed. The chosen leaders of the lower communities will be the people who create the higher groups holistic contexts all the way up to the National levels with the same veto power criteria and quality of life criteria being used.
Once the community has stated their desired quality of life then those independent individuals who were involved may notify the IPA headquarters of their desire to run on the IPA ticket. They will submit their community holistic context as
proof of their involvement in the process.
If numerous persons desire to run on their local IPA ticket then within their community they will need to organize and vote on their preferred candidate.
To finance the IPA each candidate will donate 20% of the funds they raise for their election to the IPA for administration. The IPA will not be involved in advising any candidate of IPA policy positions for voting. Each community will have the responsibility of accessing their candidate in how they voted and how they moved their community towards their holistic context and quality of life whilst respecting the highest law of the land, the Constitution.
The IPA will use the administration fees to assist the development of the further independent candidates seeking and gaining office at local, State and National level. The threshold for registering with the FEC is very low, only requiring a $1000 in a year spending so this will occur almost immediately the idea is launched and the FEC has a requirement that this process is completed within 10 days. Each State has a different requirement for registration but they are all fairly similar and will be part of the process for local and State election candidates to get the IPA started.
All IPA candidates would be evaluated on their policy votes and policy creation towards their communities holistic context and this would be reported online for their community to evaluate their candidates prior to each election. This will allow their communities to decide if the person elected by them is trying to assist them to achieve their quality of life or is ignoring their electorate.
How candidates will act?
When a person desires to assist their community no matter the size of their community by becoming involved in the politics of their community they will be required to;
Identify the whole under management – this entails identifying those who will be able to vote in the election for the particular office being sought.
Once the whole under management has been identified then all stakeholders in the electorate should be consulted and invited to a meeting to create the holistic context for their community.
This invite should be extended to all races, color, religions, sexes, as our Constitution states. It should also encompass all age groups able to vote and should specifically include persons with the ability to veto any decisions or policies created.
Once the meeting has been convened that community will be assisted with the help of a facilitator to answer key questions about how they want their lives to be going forward into the future. This will begin with identifying the Statement of Purpose – i.e. This is the Holistic Context Statement of Purpose for the City of XXX. Our purpose is to XXXXX (manage our cities socially, economically and environmentally) Or this is the Statement of Purpose for the State of XXX etc.
Next the facilitator will assist those gathered to state;
1) How do people want their lives to be, based upon what they value most – culturally, materially and spiritually;
2) What has to be produced to live such lives (and purpose if required); embedded in,
3) A description of their resource base as it would have to be to enable people hundreds of years from now to be living such lives.
The Holistic Context must be written in such a way as to ensure;
• It cannot contain any decision already made
• No prejudice against any future action/tool
• Nothing quantified or prioritized
This will require skillful facilitation and careful thinking of the
words in the language used. If is important that this Context is created via a process of consensus not compromise.
Once the holistic context is established the persons wishing to run on the IPA ticket and platform will need to convince the independent voters in their electorate that they are the right person to take their community in the direction they desire to go. Socially, economically and environmentally both short and long term.
Then after an election to select the IPA candidate the winner will go forward as the IPA nominated candidate.
Once in office the if elected by the broader community when running against the other parties the IPA office holder will be expected to create policies and vote on other parties policies using the following 7 filtering questions to assist in making the correct policy decisions. Using their communities holistic context as their reference.
1) Cause and effect – does this action address the root cause of the problem?
2) Weak link
a. – social – could this action, due to prevailing beliefs create a weak link in the chain of actions leading towards your communities Quality of Life in your communities Holistic Context.
b. – biological – does this action address the weakest point in the life cycle of the organism?
c. – financial- does this action strengthen the weakest link in the chain of production?
3) Marginal reaction – greatest return- towards Quality of Life for time and money spent
4) Gross Profit Analysis – which enterprise goes the most towards covering the overhead of the community
5) Energy/Money Source and Use – will it take your community towards your communities Quality of Life goals.
6) Sustainability – towards or away from future resource base described in your communities Holistic Context
7) Society and Culture – How do you feel about this action now? Will it lead to the Quality of Life your community desire? Will it adversely affect the lives of others?
Then the important new item unique to the IPA is the presumption that all policies created are going to have a negative unintended consequence. As such any and all policies created or voted on MUST have a fail-safe clause which is activated immediately an unintended negative consequence is identified and the policy becomes immediately redundant and invalid. Forcing the policy makers to re-debate and recreate a policy to prevent further unintended consequences damages. It being best if the policy writers identify potential unwanted consequences at the time of writing the policy to serve as early warnings to be monitored and set up the monitoring processes in the policy.
Finally the candidate will have the responsibility to verify that the intended policy does not infringe on the Constitution or the Rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights and Amendments prior to signing off on the policy and putting it to a vote, or voting for any other parties policies in the affirmative."

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Re: Holistic Management in der Politik

Beitrag von Fred »

Ich mache mir große Sorgen, dass wir unsere Demokratie verlieren und wieder in ein totalitäres System stürzen werden, falls unser Land weiter derart schlecht regiert wird.
Das geht mir ähnlich. Allerdings habe ich durch die S21-Auseinandersetzung genug persönliche Erfahrungen mit unserem Staat gemacht, um den Zustand der Demokratie schon länger als sehr gefährdet angesehen.

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Re: Holistic Management in der Politik

Beitrag von Angler »

Die Deutschen haben einfach zuviel Angst um etwas zu ändern - weil es den Deutschen einfach noch zu Gut geht.

Denken ist die schwerste Arbeit, die es gibt.
Das ist wahrscheinlich auch der Grund,
warum sich so wenige Leute damit beschäftigen.

Henry Ford, amerikanischer Industrieller